Based on the positive results of our daily practice since the beginning of 2019, in relation to the new pedagogical tools -that we are creating and developing in educational centres during their school hours, within our open creation process-, we need to link to this phase of project development a profile dedicated to research on the pedagogical experience of creation, essential to objectify and reveal the fieldwork and systematize data and documentation in order to validate and implement this practice, putting it at the service of the educational system, promoting the improvement and social development and creating answers to certain problems that affect our society, we develop Research on the pedagogical experience of creation. Design of the first case study that demonstrates the validity of carrying out the activity PAC Open Process of Creation, training of thinkers in movement, dance classes and choreographic workshops within the didactic programme of the AEE and other support classrooms in the regulated educational centres from kindergarten to ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) , in their school hours in the districts of Polígono Sur and Torreblanca and its extrapolation to other educational centres in different towns.


This term includes other types of memory necessary to remember and exercise choreography such as kinetic, sensory, linguistic and sequential memory.


The Polish artist Jan Swidzinski installs the term through his manifesto Art as Contextual Art, anticipating this artistic category. This new reclassification of art refers in Swidzinski to a practice, -his-, embedded.

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