The PAC, Open Creation Process, is the tool to put into practice the pedagogical experience in creation. It was born as a project to develop a cultural space (in this case named Cultural Factory) in the context of Polígono Sur – a disadvantaged Sevillian neighborhood with population at risk of social exclusion- and emerged from the experience of the first university campus, Art of Context in the periphery of the city.


Salud López, creator of PAC, acted as a tutor, carrying out an innovative experience that provides answers to the problems identified and raised in the campus. The PAC is included in the project Musikers, Music factory funded by the European Union.


We prefer to talk about a shift of paradigm that is why we titled this paragraph as “new paradigm”. It is not just a major revolution in the way we perceive reality. Changes in the terms used to describe phenomena are also considered paradigm shifts, and this is where our methodology comes in. According to Thomas Kuhn, reality cannot be reduced to a set of scientific. A paradigm shift therefore implies a change in the world, in the way we understand it and in our reality. As Kuhn pointed out, new paradigms emerge within periods of social crisis. Revolutionary paradigms are those making us rethink the traditional schemes.


The artist’s creation process is based on the research that is generated throughout the process into different fields such as literature, philosophy science, technology, music, fine arts and sociology. The sessions and creation rehearsals are open to public participation both on site and online.

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