CESIE guest of Desk Italia Europa Creativa with CREATE project

CESIE participated in the event “Creative Europe and opportunities for the Visual Arts, Architecture, Urban Regeneration and Design, experiences at European and national level” within the iDesign program “Rethinking desing, rethinking the future” that has been dedicated for years to the enhancement of the cultural heritage and activities and to the organization of complex projects based on a strategic conception of art and design as fundamental tools for urban reconversion, social transformation and cultural and economic development.

The meeting was organized by Desk Italia Europa Creativa to tell the experience in the field of Creative Europe projects. On this occasion, the project CREATE was presented.

The CREATE project supports innovation in the cultural and creative sector: the aim of the project is to involve young people with disabilities, with a migrant background, or coming from disadvantaged socio-economic contexts, in social intervention programs based on the idea of artistic co-creation.

CESIE was invited by Desk Italia Europa Creativa – Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture to talk about its experience in the project, objectives, priorities and expected results.

The interest of the audience was very high for a project that aims to break down all barriers in the artistic world, both in the phase of artistic creation and with respect to its usability. An important opportunity to present the expected results of the project and the next activities to be carried out.


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