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Training of Trainers in Athens

On the 4th and the 5th of October CREATE trainers from the partnership’s organizations (En Lugar de Creación – Spain. – INCOMA – Spain. – CESIE – Italy. – Low Air– Lithuania. – ARTIT – Greece) reunited in Athens to practice with the CREATE methodology!

Training of Trainers in Athens

The methodology developed inside the CREATE project has the aim of using artistic creation as a powerful tool to carry out pedagogical activities. This new way of integrating creative forces in educational development takes the name of “pedagogical experience in creation”.
   The CREATE process is a launchpad for individuals to distance themselves from fears, prejudice, discrimination and violence, converging towards the strengthening of the relationship between mind and body, ultimately eliminating barriers that separate us on a cultural, identity and gender level.

   The training days were divided in two main phases: in the morning, the trainers were called to undergo a preparatory phase where they went through the steps of the methodology. During this phase, every opinion and insight from the trainers was welcomed with the goal of finding personal ways in which the methodology could be carried out.
   In the second phase the trainers implemented the “pedagogical experience in creation” at the Association for the Social Support of Youth (ARSIS) with two different groups, respectively made up of children and adolescents that carry out educational activities within the association.
   The training sessions have been a fruitful occasion for the trainers to build their own process of creation through the guidance of Salud Lopez and develop their own pedagogical and artistic strategies, both working individually and collectively.

If you are curious to learn more about the CREATE methodology and how to implement it, sign this form by the 5th of November to join our course!


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