Art by Eva Pismenna, Celia Liberace and Anna Rogacheva from ARTIT’s Platform

Art by Eva Pismenna, Celia Liberace and Anna Rogacheva from ARTIT's Platform

Get to know ARTIT through the lens of CREATE

ARTIT’s mission and expertise align with CREATE’s aim of using arts and culture as a tool for social inclusion and wellbeing.

As a software as a service (SaaS) organization, ARTIT offers a digital platform for global reach, which can facilitate the promotion of CREATE’s objectives of promoting artistic creation and processes for social cohesion, active citizenship, and inclusion.

Additionally, ARTIT’s areas of expertise, including creativity and entrepreneurship, social inclusion, sustainability, and mental health and wellbeing, can contribute to CREATE’s efforts to enhance the social inclusion of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and with special needs.

ARTIT’s multi-stakeholder partnerships approach can also be of value to CREATE, as it can collaborate with organizations in the public and private sectors to design and implement innovative and future-proof projects to drive social change. By partnering with ARTIT, CREATE can leverage its expertise and partnerships to promote the social inclusion of young people through artistic creation and processes.

ARTIT recently created an international virtual exhibition – “We and They: United by Diversity” as part of another European project. It aimed at visual artists aged 16-30, refugees and migrants and other marginalized and vulnerable groups, who wish to tell their own stories to a wide audience and speak their truth through visual stories.


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