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The paradigm under which the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) operate is at a turning point.

In 2019, culture accounted for about 4% of the total employment in the EU [Eurostat, CULT_EMP_SEX, 2019], thus reinforcing its status as a major economic driver. However, culture was also one of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused significant economic damage and a dramatic increase in unemployment, while – paradoxically – highlighting the importance of culture in our wellbeing.

The CCI are important for our societal resilience and sustainable recovery in the coming years and, as such, are one of the 14 ecosystems covered by the EU Industrial Strategy.

Still, to harness its full potential, culture needs to be inclusive and accessible and reach out to currently disengaged audiences.

What do we want to achieve?

CREATE aims at harnessing the role of culture as a driver for social cohesion, inclusive recovery, active citizenship and wellbeing by promoting artistic creation and artistic processes as a tool to enhance the social inclusion of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and with special needs (young people with disabilities, with a migrant background and belonging to minorities).

Specifically, we want to:


CREATE is a multidisciplinary and transnational initiative that brings together 5 institutions from Spain, Italy, Lithuania and Greece.


En Lugar de Creación

En Lugar de Creación (ELC) is a non-profit association based in Seville (Spain) that supports, promotes and disseminates culture in a wide range of scenic manifestations, notably dance, theatre, music and other visual and graphic arts. ELC supports the creation of choreographic and theatrical works, provides professional artistic guidance, organises courses and workshops, and, among other activities, carries out different socio-cultural mediation activities in collaboration with several stakeholders and educational centres in Andalusia that work towards reducing the barriers to the social inclusion of people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


INCOMA is a training and research centre based in Seville, (Spain) that develops social innovation projects in the field of education, training and research. With extensive know-how acquired through close to 20 years of experience, INCOMA is active in implementing initiatives that focus on promoting intercultural awareness and understanding, on fostering equal opportunities and an active citizenship, and on enhancing the inclusion of groups at special risk of exclusion (including people with disabilities and people with a migrant background).


CESIE is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation based in Palermo (Italy) and committed to promote the cultural, social, educational and economic development at local, national and European level. CESIE contributes to growth and development through the active participation of people, civil society and institutions, always valuing diversity. Since 2019, CESIE organises the annual Art and Act contest that promotes gender equality, intercultural dialogue and international cooperation.

Low Air Vilnius City Dance Theatre

Low Air Vilnius City Dance Theatre is the first independent urban dance company in Lithuania. It seeks to promote artistic creation using different dance styles and movement forms, as well as to empower women artists, and to give a voice to local minorities. Low Air focuses on non-violent communication, encourages DIY culture and open public spaces performances to made art accessible. Low Air runs a pre-professional dance school with around 300 yearly subscriptions and implements educational activities in collaboration with major performing art festivals and organisations in Lithuania and Europe.


ARTIT Athens is a pioneering online gallery that connects, supports and rewards visual artists by hosting monthly publishing opportunities and a wide range of theme-specific virtual exhibitions through its digital platform (https://artit.net/). Based on the concept of art as a powerful tool that can trigger positive change, ARTIT uses art as a means to give voice to artists and organisations that strive for the best version of the world we live in.

Create: Culture to empower

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